We are Stylistico, a fresh brand specialized in customer tailored lifestyle solutions. We currently sell legacy Final Sound speakers and subwoofers. Final Sound is a branding of Final Sound International which is a subsidiary of Transparent Sound Technology and Transparent Sound Solutions situated in the Netherlands. All rights of Final Sound Speaker Systems are located at Transparent Sound International and Transparent Sound Solutions. Which are directed by formal directors of Final Sound. We are negotiating with them about IP and other rights so Stylistico can offer a repair services for legacy Final Sound products.


The products you use in your daily life tell something about who you are, and what you aspire to be. At Stylistico we think that every single product we produce and design has to be of the highest standards. Products have to be functional without sacrificing on aesthetic qualities. Stylistico products are not mere eye-candy, but products with almost limitless possibilities.


If you are curious about our products, you can make an appointment for a demonstration at Stylistico. For example you can see and hear top quality products of formal Final Sound audio equipment like the F300i, F400i, F600i and F1000 speaker sets and related products.